Rendering of The District Lofts apartment building

The Problem

When a new multifamily property is developed, every little detail is examined and re-examined 100 times. Unfortunately, properties often consider key security last and sometimes even choose the cheapest, least secure method in the name of budget cuts. Despite the risks associated with such practices, many properties still see pegboards and lockboxes as acceptable methods for keeping their keys — and their residents — safe.

When The District Lofts in Jackson, Mississippi, was being built, community manager Marc Holcombe knew exactly how important key security was going to be for the ultra-luxury apartment building — the first of its kind in the city.

Playing a role in the revitalization of an older Jackson neighborhood, The District Lofts needed to be security conscious to give peace of mind to its residents. The property needed total key security, access control for its 261 units, and a way to track who had keys.

“It gives our residents the peace of mind that keys are actually being controlled rather than just being in a box on the wall.”

Marc Holcombe

Community Manager

The Solution

Holcombe was familiar with KeyTrak after using the system at other properties. There was no doubt in his mind what key control system he wanted The District Lofts to use. By securing keys in tamper-proof metal drawers and restricting access to only employees with proper login credentials, KeyTrak keeps The District Lofts’ units secure and holds employees accountable.

The property uses a two-drawer system that secures the building’s more than 260 keys and accurately tracks which employee accessed a key and when they took it. The District Lofts also uses KeyTrak’s Web Plus software, giving the system administrator the ability to manage the system at any time from any PC with a network or internet connection. The administrator can use Web Plus to update information in the system, assign tags to keys, and access the entire range of KeyTrak reports.

The Result

Without KeyTrak, The District Lofts would have been like the many properties that rely on poorly maintained manual logs for keys kept in a lockbox or on a back-room pegboard. For those properties, a missing key could go unnoticed for days, leaving tenants and the property at risk if the key were to fall into the wrong hands.

Because KeyTrak automatically logs every time a key is accessed and returned, the system offers The District Lofts a 100 percent verifiable audit trail. The system also notifies Holcombe if a key has been checked out for an excessive amount of time. This capability allows him to hold employees accountable for returning keys on time.

“It gives our residents the peace of mind that keys are actually being controlled rather than just being in a box on the wall,” Holcombe said of The District Lofts’ KeyTrak system. “It allows us to run a daily Keys Out report to see which keys have not been returned and who checked them out. This is probably the biggest benefit to the system. Everyone loses a key every now and then, but KeyTrak gives me the tools to find out just where that key is.”

The District Lofts’ employees use a fingerprint reader to log in to the system, replacing the typical username-and-password login procedure many applications use. The fingerprint reader keeps employees from using each other’s passwords, giving the property an added layer of security. As an added bonus, it speeds up the login process.

“We love this system,” Holcombe said. “It is super user-friendly. We really like the fingerprint login. It is actually fun to use too. I couldn’t be more pleased with the system and my account rep.”

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