Ft. Leonard Wood Military Base

The Problem

Ft. Leonard Wood’s 58th Transportation Battalion Motor Pool had too many keys and not enough control to effectively manage them. With only two people to manually control keys, many were not matching up to the correct vehicles. Too much time was spent trying to figure out who had the key last.

Established in 1940 as a base training center, Ft. Leonard Wood is the proud home of the U.S. Army Military Police School and has launched the military careers of over 3 million men and women. The Transportation Battalion was in desperate need of a more efficient key control system. With approximately 400-500 keys being issued daily to instructors and maintenance employees, the lack of key control allowed open access to all keys.

Ft. Leonard Wood needed to resolve its problem quickly. They had two full-time workers who checked keys in and out daily. Any time one stepped out of the office, it would cause a severe backlog, and employee productivity began to suffer as a result. They also needed to secure and limit employee access to keys. The military base needed a system that could provide total accountability and status reports of keys at all times.

The Solution

Ft. Leonard Wood’s Transportation Battalion director, Warren Brabant, had a KeyTrak system installed. He first saw KeyTrak used at a reserve unit and he liked its capabilities. Now, with a KeyTrak system positioned in the hallway, anyone who has the authority to access keys can do so at any time. KeyTrak saves time and increases employee productivity.

Ft. Leonard Wood installed a system that holds more than 900 keys. Keys are accessed daily by instructors and maintenance workers. Their system has been defined to allow only three employees access to specific buildings.

The ability to keep highly secured keys for toolboxes, buildings, fuel, and oil is imperative, and now, only a select group is allowed to access them.

Brabant tracks key status and usage with KeyTrak’s built-in reporting functions. “The Tags Out report is run daily and helps us to see what keys are issued out and who to contact to get the keys back,” Brabant said. “We don’t have to chase keys and figure out who signed the key out last.”

The Results

KeyTrak has proven to be beneficial to Brabant and Ft. Leonard Wood. It helps control keys and shows who checked them out when and why. “It has made our job a lot easier,” Brabant said.

Brabant has recently received the Army Award for Maintenance Excellence because of the key control and physical security in the department. Brabant can now guarantee 100 percent inventory, which is something they could not do in the past. Ft. Leonard Wood is also highly regarded by the Physical Security Organization.

Members of the organization were very impressed with KeyTrak, and after being given a demo of the system, they asked several “what if” questions. Brabant was able to explain how KeyTrak would function in every instance.

There are no more worries about tracking down lost keys and searching for people to get keys checked back in at the end of the day.

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