Three-Way Chevrolet

The Problem

Three-Way Chevrolet, California’s number one Chevy volume retailer, has been in business for over 55 years and grown exponentially since it first began in 1956. With its increased staff and inventory, IT Manager Wayne Gross noticed the dealership had difficulties managing keys.

“Lost keys, huge locksmith fees, broken windows due to the [window-mounted key box] being slammed, and even theft were all cutting into profits,” Gross said.

The process for locating lost keys began by management first asking employees if they had seen a particular key, and then searching in any one of a dozen places. During this time, demos were delayed, sales were lost, and key replacement costs continued to mount.

"We’ve been with KeyTrak from the beginning, and like a good wine, they just get better with age."

Wylan Gross

IT Manager, Three-Way Chevrolet

The Solution

Gross recognized that the first step in fixing Three-Way’s key management problem was to hold his sales staff accountable. He needed a way to track when keys were accessed and to whom they were checked out to not only to make his sales force responsible for keys but also to find keys more quickly.

Three-Way researched its options and chose to partner with KeyTrak to improve its key control.

Three-Way’s KeyTrak system and Auto Plus software, which is specifically designed to meet the needs of dealerships, empowers Gross and the other members of the management team to do more than just track key usage. They can now track performance based on the number of demos given, limit access to keys, add and track inventory, maintain prospect information, and even record where specific vehicles are parked on the lot.

“We’ve been with KeyTrak from the beginning, and like a good wine, they just get better with age,” Gross said.

The Results

Gross said he saw immediate results after installing the KeyTrak system. The dealership improved how it tracks and manages keys, reduced rekeying costs, and eliminated its time-consuming and damage-prone window-mounted key box system.

Its initial success with the Auto Plus software led Three-Way to purchase an additional Service Plus package for its service department. The two systems work together, allowing the dealership to track a vehicle’s status, whether it is being serviced or on the lot.

Three-Way Chevrolet also uses its in-house network to remotely access the KeyTrak systems from multiple computers. This allows Gross and others to manage user settings and view and create reports from their desks without tying up the KeyTrak machine.

Return on Investment

After its initial success with KeyTrak at the first Bakersfield location, Three-Way installed a total of six KeyTrak systems at its other dealerships throughout Bakersfield. At its various locations, Three-Way Chevrolet has used the KeyTrak system to improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce theft.

By increasing accountability and awareness with the KeyTrak system, Gross reduced the number of problems related to key control and damages at Three-Way Chevrolet.

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