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KeyTrak Debuts Corporate Video

College Station, TX – November 13, 2012 – KeyTrak, Inc., a leading provider of key and asset management systems, recently released a corporate video to provide its customers and prospects with insight into KeyTrak as a company and how its key control systems help businesses secure and manage their assets.

“In just under 3 minutes, this video provides a very clear representation of how KeyTrak solves the problem of inadequate key security, how we are able to help companies enhance their key control strategies and who we are as a company,” said Vice President of Sales Richard Battle.

“Regardless of whether a person uses a stolen key to access a vehicle, a secure facility or an apartment, the consequences are costly,” announces the video, which opens with a shot of someone removing a key from a pegboard. Having illuminated the problem of leaving keys vulnerable to theft, the piece goes on to demonstrate how KeyTrak’s systems help companies secure their assets and create a 100 percent automatic verifiable audit trail of key and asset usage.

The video showcases KeyTrak’s computerized drawer-based system; the high-security Guardian system, which includes a touchscreen interface and lockers; and Key Systems, a steel cabinet that encases key boxes within a central robotic storage center. Viewers also receive a peek into KeyTrak’s corporate offices and see testimonials from current customers.

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About KeyTrak Inc.

Founded in 1987, KeyTrak was the first company to create a computerized drawer to safeguard and track keys and assets, and to develop industry-specific key control software. With more than 11,000 installations in apartment communities, hospitals, military institutions, government facilities, automotive dealerships, commercial facilities, high-rise buildings, universities and office complexes worldwide, KeyTrak is considered the industry leader in key control and asset management. For more information, please visit or call 888.612.0984.