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See How Keytrak Systems Can Be Used For Fleet Management

Fleet Managers

Fleet managers are tasked with a heavy load of responsibilities. Not only are they responsible for looking after the several vehicles worth thousands of dollars each, but they also have to ensure that the right people are using the vehicles for the right reasons at the right times.

The Problem

One of the challenges of keeping vehicles organized and safe is to keep keys in a central place and restrict access to them. Although some fleet departments opt for simple solutions such as a pegboard, key boxes attached to the vehicles, identically keyed vehicles and manual key logs, these solutions don’t provide the required degree of security. Keys can easily be removed from a key log, key boxes can be broken into, identical keying can make it challenging to track specific vehicles, and manual key logs are prone to human error.

Car Keys

The Solution

Multi-drawer system

Electronic key control systems solve all these problems and more. KeyTrak’s flexible, modular systems allow for virtually limitless customization and expansion options. Combined with the ability to set reservations for customers and track vehicle maintenance needs, KeyTrak’s system will help reduce risk, improve security and optimize operations for any fleet, large or small.

With the ability to control over 5,000 keys, the KeyTrak drawer system is the ideal solution for fleets with a large number of vehicles and keys to track. KeyTrak’s computerized drawer and iButton tag technology eliminate the need to scan a tag or make a log entry after a key is removed from the system. The moment a key or asset is removed from the drawer, a verifiable audit trail is automatically created, protecting the organization and staff from liability and providing peace of mind.

Designed to be modular and expandable, the KeyTrak system can control any combination of drawers, locker panels and lockdown key panels. This built-in flexibility means that one system can control all types of keys, from those used on a day-to-day basis to high-security master keys that are rarely used.

With an electronic key control system, users must provide a form of authorization such as a password or fingerprint before they can remove a key. If an unauthorized user attempts to access a key, the system will send an alert directly to the administrator by text or email. The system also houses the keys in a single location, so there’s no more guessing where specific keys are located.

By implementing an electronic key control system, fleet managers can save time and money, reduce liability, stop “mystery miles” and conduct efficient audits.

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