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Key History Report

KeyTrak's extensive reporting capabilities allow you to easily keep track of all checked-out keys, giving you a more complete picture of activity at your office and providing you with peace of mind. Daily email reports let you track all day-to-day changes while the custom reporting tool can be used to generate special-needs reports at an interval you decide.

Work order tracking

The KeyTrak work order module can be used to organize and manage an office's work orders. The tool tracks what is being worked on, who is working on what, the supplies and parts needed and used in each work order, and the parts and supplies inventory. This helps maintenance staff prioritize requests and ensure the necessary parts will be on hand when needed.

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Hess is engaged in the exploration for and production of crude oil and natural gas as well as in refining and marketing refined petroleum products, natural gas and electricity. For more information, please visit

The Problem

While waiting for construction to be completed on a new 28-story site, Hess carried out day-to-day operations in shared office space in Houston. During this transitional period, Hess management lost track of which keys were assigned to which employees: a scenario ripe with safety and liability concerns. Management knew that when they moved into the new facility, they did not want to find themselves in a similar situation again.

The Solution

fingerprint reader

Since Hess had a high volume of permanent-issue keys, KeyTrak was the obvious solution to Hess’s dilemma. When Hess viewed a demonstration of the KeyTrak system, management immediately began the process for purchasing a 13-drawer system with cabinets and a fingerprint reader.

Throughout the process of moving into the new building — which took place during the course of several months, several floors at a time — Hess used the KeyTrak system heavily and appointed a small group of people to serve as administrators of the system.

Hess continues to use the KeyTrak system to maintain accurate records of permanently issued keys, including keys to offices, cubicles, storage closets and mechanical rooms. The system also tracks the use of backup keys when access to the building is required for emergency or maintenance issues. Thanks to KeyTrak, every key is accounted for.

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