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Having worked with several commercial businesses — including real estate offices, manufacturing facilities, convention centers and more — we know they need the ability to track everything from building keys to vehicles to work orders. Based on customer feedback and industry research, we’re able to provide time-tested key and asset management systems that can be used in a variety of industry segments. Below are just a few of the benefits of KeyTrak for commercial businesses.


Manage Keys Across Multiple Locations

Asset Management Plus Software

Our building key management software, called Asset Management (AM) Plus, helps you organize and track your keys and assets, even if you have multiple locations or strict accessibility requirements. With the ability to track keys, assets and work orders, using any combination of drawers, locker panels and lockdown key panels, the AM Plus system can handle the key and asset tracking needs of any facility, large or small.

Track All Employee Access

To control users’ access to the key control system, we offer secure login options, including an optional biometric fingerprint reader and key fob reader.

For added security, the system allows you to create a multi-factor authentication process. Some of the most secure login combinations are fingerprint and password (most secure), fingerprint and fob, or fob and password. You can also implement dual login requirements in which more than one employee must be involved in a transaction.

Full Control of your Inventory

Our extensive reporting capabilities allow you to easily keep track of all checked-out keys, giving you a more complete picture of activity at your office and providing you with peace of mind. To manage physical assets, you can use any combination of our 5-inch, 12-inch and 15-inch locker modules.

Daily email reports let you track all day-to-day system changes, and the custom reporting tool can be used to generate unique reports at an interval you decide.

Remote Management from any computer

If you’re responsible for managing multiple departments or buildings, our web portal, Web Plus, makes it possible for you to view system activity from the location of your choice using any computer with Internet access.

To help you fit your key and asset management responsibilities into your busy schedule, you can use the Auto Run Report feature to have detailed reports automatically sent to any number of email addresses.

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Work Order prioritization and Tracking

Work order tracking

The KeyTrak work order tool can be used to organize and manage an office's work orders. It tracks what is being worked on, who is working on what, the supplies and parts needed and used in each work order, and the parts and supplies inventory. This helps maintenance staff prioritize requests and ensure the necessary parts will be on hand when needed.

Package Tracking made easy

package track

If your building routinely receives a large number of important packages, you can use our PackageTrak feature to handle package deliveries more efficiently and cut down on misplaced deliveries.

Utilizing a handheld barcode scanner and a digital signature capture pad, PackageTrak allows you to automatically generate a verifiable audit trail. From the moment a carrier drops off a package to the time it is picked up by the recipient, the KeyTrak system logs every step, protecting your business from liability and ensuring that recipients get their packages in a timely manner.

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