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State and Local Governments

KeyTrak has helped local municipalities and state governments solve a wide range of key and asset management problems ranging from fleet management to secure lockup facilities.

Fleet Management and Motor Pool Operations

Motor Pool Operations

Fleet managers are tasked with a heavy load of responsibilities. Not only are they responsible for looking after several vehicles worth thousands of dollars each, but they also have to ensure that the right people are using the vehicles for the right reasons at the right times.

Paper logs may not be properly filled out, and the traditional peg board and tag system leaves keys unsecured.

With the ability to control over 5,000 keys, the KeyTrak drawer system is the ideal solution for fleets with a large number of vehicles and keys to track. With KeyTrak your department has the ability to create verifiable audit trails of all key transactions, letting pool operators know exactly who has what vehicle at any time.

Housing Management and Building Access

Government buildings are increasingly becoming multiuse spaces, with several different departments, working groups and organizations utilizing the same conference rooms, offices and storage spaces. Considering maintenance, janitorial and security personnel, the number of people needing access to any given room quickly rises.

With so many people across many different departments needing keys, keeping track of who has what key is both a chore and security risk. KeyTrak can organize and distribute keys to specific individuals, only granting access to the keys that person is authorized for — keeping both public buildings and private spaces secure.

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Jail and Prison management

Jail and Prison management

With all the maintenance, administrative, armory and other sensitive keys that can be found at any scale correctional facility, jails and prisons need more than an honor system to keep track of keys — they need efficient key control.

KeyTrak offers a verifiable audit trail of all keys and access points. Biometric entry removes the need for handwritten logs, and automatic reports let supervisors and managers know when keys were not returned in a timely manner.

Federal Government Sales and Support

KeyTrak has partnered with Federal Key to provide the best key and asset management systems available to federal government customers.

Federal Key is an authorized reseller of all KeyTrak Government products and is positioned to provide reliable and customizable key and asset management solutions. With Federal Key’s direct partnership with KeyTrak, accessing the KeyTrak supply catalog or system support is as efficient as a call or click.

To contact Federal Key, please call 866-539-6000 for supplies and service, or 866-539-4000 for equipment sales.

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