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Housing And Building Access Management

Colleges and universities are responsible for managing access to a high volume of facility keys. Student dormitories, classrooms, faculty offices and laboratories all have keys that need to be tracked. But controlling such a large number of keys and preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas is fraught with complications and liability concerns.

With KeyTrak Guardian, you can electronically organize and distribute keys to specific individuals, only granting access to the keys that person needs — keeping your campus secure.


To create a solution that meets your school’s unique requirements, the Guardian’s modular expandability allows you to use the system with a variety of KeyTrak solutions, from total lockdown key storage drawers to secure lockers. No matter what system configuration you use, the system automatically creates a verifiable audit trail the moment a key is removed. Having this record of system activity helps protect your school from liability and gives you peace of mind.

University motor pool management

Motor Pool Operations

Being a motor pool manager is no easy task. Not only are they responsible for looking after several vehicles worth thousands of dollars each, but they also have to ensure that every driver meets the standards set by their university.

The Guardian system lets you quickly add new users, authorize new keys for existing users and track who checked out what key and when. If it’s not convenient for you to access the physical Guardian system, you can use KeyTrak’s Web Plus remote management software to make system changes from any PC with an Internet connection.

The OCR license scanner can be used to scan new drivers' information into the system, and the built-in biometric fingerprint scanner ensures keys are only checked out by their authorized users.

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