Don't Let Chaos Control Your Residence Hall's Keys

Your Educational Institution, 1 p.m.

Main lobby of college residence hall. The RA is behind the desk talking on the phone.

RA: “Yeah, yeah. Let me know if you need anything else.”

Student starts filling out a paper key log at the desk with RA.

Student: Hey Dana, could you show me where Jensen hall is?

RA: Yeah, you can just check out that map right over there.

A well-dressed man (narrator) is sitting in a chair next to a student in another chair (Chaos). Chaos can’t hear the narrator.

Narrator: This is Chaos. He’s a sophomore engineering student that lives in your residence hall. He didn’t need chemistry 101 to know that a little detergent can cause a big distraction.

Phone rings.

RA: Hello, this is Dana. How can I help you?

Person on Phone: There’s bubbles coming out from under the door.

RA: There’s bubbles coming out of where?

Person on Phone: The laundry room door.

RA: Oh! I’m on my way with maintenance.

Person on Phone: OK, hurry!

RA hangs up phone and leaves desk.

Narrator: Chaos learned that the student in room 108 got a brand new virtual reality headset.

Chaos stands up and puts on his backpack then approaches the desk.

Narrator: Where you going? There’s nobody at the desk! Oh.

Chaos goes behind desk, opens key box, and takes key 108.

Narrator: Hey! Stop! You got to sign out that key. I don’t think he understands your process.

Chaos unlocks room 108 and steals virtual reality headset.

Narrator: When the student in 108, their parents, and the university president start pointing fingers, they’ll all be pointed at you.

Chaos returns key to box behind RA desk.

Narrator: Even if you catch Chaos, who else is going to be responsible for this theft? Your manual key tracking procedures only work if people stick to them. Don’t let Chaos control your keys.

The narrator snaps and he’s transported to a studio with a KeyTrak Edge system.

Narrator: Get control with KeyTrak.

The narrator returns a key to the KeyTrak Edge drawer and shuts the drawer.