Discover the KeyTrak Edge System and Mobile App

Whether you're a leasing professional, property manager, or maintenance technician, quick and secure access to keys makes your job easier. The KeyTrak Edge system and mobile app make that possible. Choose your role below to learn how, then download our guide for more information. 

Quickly get the key you need. 

Don't keep prospects waiting. Reserve the key you need in the KeyTrak app, then get it from the system with touchless login.

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Check key activity at a glance.

When you're away from your desk, use the KeyTrak app to check key status, receive push notifications, and more. 

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Avoid mixing up keys for work orders.

Quickly and securely identify each apartment's key by using the KeyTrak app to scan a QR code on the key tag.

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Your Guide to Key Control Made Easy

In this guide, you’ll find practical, step-by-step examples of how the KeyTrak Edge system and mobile app simplify the key control process for leasing professionals, property managers, and maintenance technicians.

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