April 28, 2020
College Station, TX

KeyTrak, Inc., the leading provider of key and asset management systems, was recently named one of the top 10 corrections solutions providers for 2020 by Government CIO Outlook magazine and will be featured in the publication’s May 2020 issue.

“We recognize how technology inside correctional facilities has evolved over the years, while key control has remained relatively unchanged,” KeyTrak Vice President of Sales Steve Robinson said in the article. “We bring corrections key and asset control into the 21st century.”

KeyTrak’s electronic key control systems help corrections facilities better manage keys and assets, ensuring those items are always where they belong and don’t fall into the hands of inmates. KeyTrak eliminates the need for flawed manual access logs and gives supervisors an automatic, verifiable audit trail of all key and asset activity.

The Guardian system’s wall-mounted and modular panels can are customizable for a variety of needs that go beyond locking down individual keys. The system can also be used with steel lockers for securing and tracking small assets like radios, TASERs, and pepper spray. Solutions are tailored for each facility, giving correctional officers (COs) an effective and efficient tool that fits their specific needs and makes their lives easier.

“Our ability to tailor systems to a variety of needs makes us a go-to-provider in corrections,” Robinson said. “We understand that key and asset management isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, and different locations within a single correctional facility all have different needs.”

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About KeyTrak, Inc.
Since 1987, KeyTrak’s electronic key and asset management systems have helped businesses worldwide enhance the security of their operations while improving productivity and reducing costs. We believe the difference is in the details, which is why we take single-source responsibility for all our products. To ensure we’re able to meet our customers’ needs, we perform all our research and development, programming, manufacturing, and support in-house at our headquarters in College Station, TX.