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Ensuring your residents’ safety, privacy, and comfort is paramount. But you could be neglecting issues that jeopardize your property’s safety and reputation. Inadequate key and fob control could lead to unauthorized access to residents’ homes. Delayed maintenance requests inconvenience and frustrate residents. Lost or stolen packages create a sense of unease.

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"Before purchasing KeyTrak, our biggest key control issue was keys lost by 'NOT ME.'"

Chella Stivers

Community Manager, The Berkley Apartments

Don't Let Chaos Control Your Property's Keys

Don't Let Chaos Control Your Property's Keys

Case Studies

5 West Apartments pond fountain
Desirée Girón, 5 West Apartments
During her time in the multifamily industry, Desirée Girón, property manager at 5 West Apartments, has seen key control across the spectrum – from worst to…
Residents of property riding in a golf cart
KeyTrak and MOGO Success Story for Multifamily Properties
KeyTrak was helping one of its long-standing customers with a large-scale system upgrade. The customer is a real estate management company with over 350 multifamily communities in…
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Row of single family homes
4 Key Control Best Practices for Build-to-Rent Communities

Discover key control best practices for build-to-rent communities. In this booming market, prioritize resident safety with clear policies and technology.

Maintenance technician looking at mobile app
Centralized Multifamily Maintenance Is Possible: No Smart Locks Required

Technology and efficient processes make centralized maintenance possible for multifamily properties that use traditional keys.

Row of golf carts
Put the Brakes on Golf Cart Theft in Your Apartment Community

To prevent thieves from driving off in your property’s golf carts, follow these 3 best practices.

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