Are you putting your residents and your reputation at risk?

Ensuring your residents’ safety, privacy, and comfort is paramount. You implement security measures such as enhanced lighting and cameras and offer amenities such as workout facilities and laundry services, but are you neglecting other issues that are putting your property’s reputation on the line?

Delayed maintenance requests inconvenience and frustrate residents. More seriously, inadequate key and fob control allows employees and contractors to abuse their access to residents’ homes. Lost or stolen packages or even identity theft can create a sense of unease.

Image of keys in open apartment door.

“It gives our residents the peace of mind that keys are actually being controlled rather than just being in a box on the wall.”

Marc Holcombe

Community Manager

Case Studies

Rendering of The District Lofts apartment building
The District Lofts
When a new multifamily property is developed, every little detail is examined and re-examined 100 times. Unfortunately, properties often consider key security last and sometimes…
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Multifamily Insights

Pile of keys
How to Select a Key Control Method for Your New Multifamily Property

When it comes to selecting a key control method for a multifamily property, it's important to consider what your target market wants, what other properties are using, how versatile it is, and more.

Girl entering code on keypad
Renters Want Keyless Entry, But Is It Worth the Risks?

Are you considering trading in your property's traditional locks for smart locks? Weigh the risks against the benefits. 

Stop Wasting Time: Simplify Property Management With Key Control Technology
Stop Wasting Time: Simplify Property Management With Key Control Technology

According to the National Apartment Association, property management executives reported that one of their goals for 2019 was to use technology to increase efficiency, allowing employees to spend more time with customers. 

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