Combat Unauthorized Access and Theft

Protecting your law enforcement agency requires strict security measures. Inadequate key and asset control practices can lead to unauthorized access to restricted areas, theft of weapons or equipment, misuse of vehicles, and compromised evidence integrity. Such issues can undermine public safety, operational readiness, investigations, and your agency's reputation.

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Prison Keys

Case Studies

Miami County Incarceration Facility
Miami County Sheriff's Office
Correctional facilities are a hive of activity and visitors. With more than 3,800 inmate intakes per year across two facilities, the Miami County Sheriff’s Office in Troy,…
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Law Enforcement Insights

Cyber police car concept
Key Control for 21st Century Policing: Three T's to Remember

Adapt your key control practices for modern policing by maintaining transparency, addressing turnover, and embracing technology.

Row of police fleet cars
Solve These 3 Police Fleet Issues With Electronic Key Control

Is your police fleet struggling with pool car availability, limited resources, and improperly secured keys? See how electronic key control can help.

Hand unlocking jail cell
4 Times Rogue Corrections Officers Misused Jail Keys

When rogue corrections officers misuse keys, they put others at risk. Learn from these real-life examples to secure your keys and protect your facility.

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