Are poorly managed keys cutting into your budgets?

From military organizations to municipal governments, every government entity has a limited budget to work with and strict security standards to meet. However, poor key control practices could be driving up expenses and cutting into budgets for things your organization actually needs. When keys are lost, you face:

  • Rekeying costs
  • Stolen or misused vehicles
  • Stolen resident property
  • Base and building lockdowns
  • Security risks
Keys in door

Case Studies

Ford Leonard Wood Fleet Vehicle
Fort Leonard Wood Military Base
Established in 1940 as a base training center, Fort Leonard Wood is the proud home of the U.S. Army Military Police School and has launched the military careers of over 3 million…
US Embassy Security
KeyTrak Improves Embassy Security
Embassies face external and internal threats due to the delicate nature of their foreign diplomatic representation. While embassies’ walls are fortified to withstand…
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