KeyTrak EdgeSL provides essential key control features for managing small key inventories.

How It Works

The KeyTrak Edge system uses a computerized locking steel drawer and iButton key tag technology to automatically track key transactions. With a smaller footprint and streamlined features, it's tailored to meet your key control needs.









KeyTrak EdgeSL Features

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Benefits and Pricing

Because we custom build each system, pricing varies. After we determine your key control needs, we’ll send you a quote as soon as possible.

Streamlined Design

  • Freestanding cabinet with a smaller footprint
  • Intuitive system design and 15-inch touchscreen for easy navigation
  • Ability to customize the home screen for each user
  • Curated set of automated and on-demand reports
  • 18-month data retention 
  • Ability to network multiple EdgeSL systems

Security and Accountability

  • Automatic key transaction tracking, eliminating the need for manual key logs
  • Locking, computerized steel drawer
  • Integrated fingerprint reader for quick, secure login
  • Included security camera to capture all transactions

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