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All Risks, LTD

KeyTrak has partnered with All Risks, Ltd., the nation's largest independent insurance wholesaler, which provides retail insurance agents access to the most competitive insurance coverage tailored to the automobile dealership industry. The National Specialty Programs Unit has in-house underwriters who quote, bind, issue and service policies on behalf of our carrier partners. With in-house binding authority, multiline capability and some of the broadest coverage available our exclusive program provides a comprehensive insurance solution to the dealership industry unavailable anywhere else.

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KeyTrak's partnership with All Risks, Ltd.

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National Suppliers Council Member

KeyTrak is proud to be a National Suppliers Council (NSC) member. The NSC is made up of members of the National Apartment Association (NAA) and is composed of individuals or businesses who service, supply or otherwise deal with rental housing and other businesses or institutions who are interested in the promotion of the rental housing industry.

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Certified Integration Partners


Autosoft Dealer Management System

Do your third-party partners help you improve your customers’ experience? With Autosoft’s Connect program, you can create a more profitable dealership with more satisfied customers using the best software on the market. You get total integration between your DMS and the CRM, Sales, Marketing, Inventory, F&I, Parts, Service, and other third-party solutions you choose.


Customer needs are ever-changing and to stay ahead, your franchise dealership must integrate with third-party applications. Dealertrack has you covered with its unique Opentrack platform that allows you to choose which providers work best for your business, not your DMS.

CDK Global

Dealerships own their data and should have choices on how best to share and use it. CDK Global’s Third-Party Access Program lets dealers choose the vendors with whom they want to share data by providing participating third parties with secure application programming interfaces (APIs).

CDK Global’s Third-Party Access Program APIs give the dealer control over who is granted access to their programming interfaces without compromising security, and they give vendors API programming options to best serve their dealers.

Open/Mate by Auto/Mate

Open/Mate allows third-party vendors to integrate with Auto/Mate’s DMS. With Open/Mate, all data exchanged between Auto/Mate’s DMS and third-party vendors is delivered instantly and securely in both directions. Real-time integration greatly eliminates redundancy and delivers accurate information for better decision-making, compared with data exchanges performed via batch deliveries for auto dealers.

Reynolds and Reynolds RCI Program

The Reynolds and Reynolds RCI program provides safe, secure and monitored interfaces for third parties to use in accessing information from Reynolds’ dealership management systems — ERA® and POWER.

RCI helps ensure that third parties in the United States and Canada receive only data a dealership intends and that tools are available to monitor and track what data is being accessed by whom. The program also provides third parties with technical support and software upgrades that improve compatibility and make the exchange of data more reliable.

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