March 26, 2010
College Station, TX

KeyTrak, Inc.'s 8.0 software release provides greater flexibility, security and efficiency with its new, automated network backup feature.

With KeyTrak 8.0, key system administrators can now designate their KeyTrak backups to be run directly to a secure server on their internal network, adding a heightened level of stability and security for their backed-up data. This feature will eliminate the need for physical copies of backups on media such as CDs or zip disks, and will still continue to provide the same convenient access to system information should there be a need to access the backup data.

"This new backup feature will not only protect our KeyTrak clients data more effectively, it also provides them with more flexibility of options to most efficiently save and secure their key data and activity records," said Jeff Puckett, KeyTrak Quality Assurance Supervisor.

This added secure backup feature makes this a key addition to KeyTrak's industry leading systems.

About KeyTrak, Inc.

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