January 22, 2024
College Station, TX

KeyTrak, the leader in key and asset management systems, is unveiling its next major advancement at the NADA Show 2024. Through a partnership with TrueSpot, a trailblazing real-time location services company, KeyTrak Edge systems now allow dealership personnel to locate vehicles and their keys faster.

Typically, misplaced or stolen keys cost several hundred dollars to replace. According to TrueSpot’s estimations, North American dealerships are spending around $350 million or more to replace the keys that are lost during typical dealer operations annually. “With the technology available today, there’s little reason for keys to go missing,” said KeyTrak Vice President of Sales Steve Robinson. “Our goal is to make sure dealers have the tools they need to prevent lost keys in their dealerships. Our partnership with TrueSpot makes that goal a reality.”

Finding the key is just as important as finding the car. “A customer’s time is valuable, and every minute matters,” said Mike Hanna, CEO of TrueSpot. “Whether the customer is waiting to test drive a vehicle or get their car back from being serviced, efficient use of their time directly increases the very important customer satisfaction scores.”

Leveraging TrueSpot’s AQFind Location Platform and its gateway sensors and geo-intelligence, TrueSpot narrows the physical location of the asset to within a few feet anywhere on the dealership’s lot, all in near real time. Through this powerful network of sensors and KeyTrak’s key access tracking measures, managers will be able to dig into the analytics to understand who’s checking out keys and why, as well as where they are located.

The reality is, keys go missing for many reasons. Sometimes an employee misplaces them or accidentally takes them home — and sometimes salespeople hoard keys to popular models. Regardless of the reason, being able to locate and recover keys easily makes for a smoother operation all around.

“KeyTrak’s electronic key and asset management systems provide the ‘who’ and ‘when’ of finding missing assets; TrueSpot completes that search criteria with the ‘where,’” concluded Robinson. “With the integration between KeyTrak and TrueSpot, dealers are able to identify problems before they escalate.”

Full demonstrations of the power of this partnership will be on display in the KeyTrak booth (#3140W) at NADA.


About KeyTrak
Since 1987, KeyTrak's electronic key and asset management systems have helped businesses worldwide enhance their operations' security while improving productivity and reducing costs. We believe the difference is in the details, which is why we take single-source responsibility for all our products. To ensure we’re able to meet our customers’ needs, we perform all our research and development, programming, manufacturing, and support in-house at our headquarters in College Station, Texas.


About TrueSpot
Founded in 2017 by wireless, location and mobile technology experts, TrueSpot is a pioneer in Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) and location-intelligent operations. With its plug-n-play end-to-end solution, multiple patents, and the proprietary AQFind Platform, TrueSpot enables transformational operations improvement for dealers by eliminating missing assets, saving lost time, automating workflows and delivering powerful business intelligence to management. TrueSpot’s proprietary and low-cost solution is deployed on over 400 campuses across the US, including Hawaii & Puerto Rico, and Canada.