February 9, 2011
College Station, TX

Recent government mandates call for all government facilities to be equipped with ID technology (examples being smart cards or fingerprint ID) to ensure the privacy and safety of the information and technology that those facilities control. This new mandate also requires the IT technology within the facility to be equipped with ID technology as well.

The KeyTrak system offers a variety of login options that are compliant with this new mandate, including a biometric fingerprint reader that allows quick and secure access to the system. KeyTrak was also the first computerized key control system approved for a GSA contract and was awarded the Business Solution Magazine’s Total Provider Award for its patented key control systems.

“KeyTrak has been at the forefront of key and asset management for over 20 years” said Vice President of Sales, Richard Battle. “Our systems exceed the government standards for ID technology, making it the safest and most secure asset management system in the industry.”

Click here to read more about the recent government mandates on ID technology.

About KeyTrak, Inc.

KeyTrak has been at the forefront of key and asset management for over 20 years and was the first company to use a computerized drawer to safeguard and track keys and assets, driven by patented industry specific software. We have spent more than two decades improving and perfecting the art of asset management. That is why KeyTrak is considered the industry leader and why we have over 10,000 installations in apartment communities, hospitals, military installations, government facilities, automotive dealerships, commercial facilities, high-rise buildings, universities and office complexes worldwide. For more information, please visit or call 888.612.0984.