September 1, 2016
College Station, TX

KeyTrak will once again be featuring its electronic key control solutions at the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) International Seminar and Exhibits in Orlando, FL. From September 12 to 15, nearly 20,000 security professionals will attend ASIS 2016 to learn about cutting-edge security solutions and service innovations.

"We give security professionals peace of mind by reducing the risk of loss or lawsuit," said KeyTrak Vice President of Sales Richard Battle. "By automating the key control process, our systems control access to keys and create a 100 percent automatic verifiable audit trail, reducing the possibility of human error."

Each of KeyTrak’s three systems features a computerized interface integrated with drawers, panels or a steel cabinet. Because only authorized users can access the system, an audit trail is automatically created when a key is removed. For maximum security, the Guardian Versatile SmartPanel (VSP) system offers clients the option to physically lock down key tags, which are stored on tamper-resistant, stainless steel key rings and attached to a key panel. This key panel can be combined with electronic drawers or secure lockers available in 5-inch, 12-inch and 15-inch sizes to control access to other items.

As a single-source vendor, KeyTrak conducts all research and development, programming, manufacturing and support in-house, allowing it to provide secure, reliable solutions.

To view the exhibit schedule for ASIS, please visit For a demonstration of KeyTrak’s systems and to learn what’s next for the company, please visit booth #2059.

About KeyTrak, Inc.

Founded in 1987, KeyTrak was the first company to create a computerized drawer to safeguard and track keys and assets, and to develop industry-specific key control software. With more than 11,000 installations in government facilities, military institutions, hospitals, apartment communities, automotive dealerships, commercial facilities, high-rise buildings, universities and office complexes worldwide, KeyTrak is considered the industry leader in key control and asset management. For more information, please visit or call 888.612.0984.