November 19, 2010
College Station, TX

Generally, casinos have an abundance of at least two things: people and money. Because of this, casinos demand the best in key and asset management. The KeyTrak Guardian saves time and money by providing knowledge of where keys and assets are at all times, increasing productivity through centralized management and virtually eliminating lost or stolen keys and assets.

The Guardian consists of a smart panel with a touch screen and any combination of up to 10 key panels, small locker panels or large locker panels. Each key panel can hold up to 40 keys. Multiple access requirements can be set, including: password, fingerprint scanner or Dual PIN. The Guardian can also be configured to allow or deny access at specific times.

Like other KeyTrak systems, the KeyTrak Guardian also provides multiple report features. “Keys Out” and access reports can be set up to run automatically, and emailed to proper personnel. Alarms can be configured to sound in the event of a breach. Emails can also be sent to managers if a key or asset is out past scheduled time or as notification of unusual activity.

The keys in a Guardian key panel are located behind a transparent polycarbonate door. This allows managers to conduct a visual inspection of which keys are out without opening the door and risking a security breach, as well as reducing time spent looking for a key. Each key panel can hold up to 40 keys. A standard KeyTrak drawer can also be synced to the smart panel for expanded key control measures. An additional feature allows managers to securely access the system remotely, such as from an office computer.

The KeyTrak Guardian has a proven success record within the public sector providing key and asset management for everything from military units to police departments to U.S. embassies. KeyTrak Guardian also provides a single source of responsibility for installation, hardware and software support and 24-hour customer service.

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About KeyTrak, Inc.

KeyTrak has been at the forefront of key and asset management for over 20 years and is the world’s leading provider of key and asset tracking systems. KeyTrak helps businesses enhance the security of their operations while improving productivity and reducing costs. KeyTrak systems provide a safe, organized way to house keys for car dealerships, apartment communities, hospitals, military bases, government facilities, hotels, schools and commercial properties.