March 29, 2016
College Station, TX

KeyTrak will be one of the exhibiting organizations at this year’s NAFA Fleet Management Association Institute & Expo, which will be April 19-22 in Austin, TX. There, KeyTrak will discuss how its electronic key control systems can reduce an organization’s risk of liability, loss and lawsuit.

“Our electronic key control systems not only securely store keys but also give fleet managers peace of mind by automatically producing a 100 percent automatic verifiable audit trail for every transaction, “ said KeyTrak Vice President of Sales Richard Battle.

KeyTrak offers three key control systems that help fleet managers control access to company vehicle keys. These systems include the drawer-based KeyTrak system, wall-mounted Guardian Versatile Smart Panel (VSP) and fully contained Key Systems unit.

The classic KeyTrak system allows fleet managers to store and manage keys securely in a computerized drawer by attaching keys to trackable key tags. Every time a key is removed from or placed in the drawer, an iButton in the key tag enables the creation of an automatic audit trail.

If fleet managers prefer to have the option to combine modules for lockers, lockdown key panels or drawers, KeyTrak offers the Guardian VSP. This system comes standard with a key panel that holds key rings and a SmartPanel consisting of a touchscreen and fingerprint reader. Other modules can be added on as needed.

The Key Systems unit is a key dispenser designed for ease of use while keeping keys secure. A steel cabinet protects vehicles from unauthorized access by storing key boxes within a robotic central storage center.

“Each of our systems is designed to adapt to the needs of the organization instead of forcing the fleet manager to adapt his or her needs to the limitations of a system,” said Battle.

Attendees can learn more about KeyTrak in booth #1228.

About KeyTrak Inc.

Founded in 1987, KeyTrak was the first company to create a computerized drawer to safeguard and track keys and assets, and to develop industry-specific key control software. With more than 11,000 installations in government facilities, military institutions, hospitals, apartment communities, automotive dealerships, commercial facilities, high-rise buildings, universities and office complexes worldwide, KeyTrak is considered the industry leader in key control and asset management. For more information, please visit or call 888.612.0984.