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Data loss is one of the biggest threats facing businesses today. Some of the top causes are data corruption, security breaches, power loss, backup power failure, user error, and hardware/software failure — each of which could happen at any time.

What would happen if you suddenly didn’t know where your keys were in the drawer, which keys were checked out, and who had them last? Would you agree that losing data from your KeyTrak system would not only create unnecessary work for your business’s employees but also create a liability risk?

If you experience a hardware failure, having an effective incident response strategy is crucial to minimizing downtime and preserving your success. 

image of lost car key on concrete
Why backing up data saves money in the long run

The average cost of a lost or stolen record containing sensitive or confidential information is $221 per record. This amount factors in both the direct costs of recovery and indirect costs like abnormal customer churn. Fortunately, taking measures to protect your data can reduce this number, which is why KeyTrak offers the option to perform a daily backup of the drawer’s contents to external media. But what happens if someone forgets to run the backup? Or what happens if the external media is corrupted?

A better way for backups

With KeyTrak Cloud Backup, you can minimize the likelihood of human error and receive additional protection for your data. Cloud Backup is an off-site data backup platform that automatically creates secure backups via the cloud every night. In case your server goes down, the service includes overnight shipping of a replacement server that’s preloaded with the latest backup.


  • Reduced risk of time spent rebuilding data logs
  • Overnight server replacement included in cost of solution
  • Added redundancy through additional backup point (in addition to LAN and CD)
  • Automation — no need for employees to take time away from jobs to create backups
  • Secure link to data center
Illustration of of the cloud backup process

How it works

  • KeyTrak remotely installs an agent on your server.
  • The daily KeyTrak backups stored on your KeyTrak server are automatically collected by the agent every night.
  • Backups are sent to our secure data center.
  • Data is encrypted in transit and at rest.
  • Backups are retained for 30 days.
  • If required, restored backups are loaded onto a replacement server and overnighted to your business.

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