Residents of property riding in a golf cart


KeyTrak was helping one of its long-standing customers with a large-scale system upgrade. The customer is a real estate management company with over 350 multifamily communities in 20 states. During the upgrade, the customer mentioned they had just invested over $25,000 to replace various stolen golf carts across their properties.

With that mention, the KeyTrak sales manager introduced MOGO, a KeyTrak partner that provides GPS tracking and theft recovery.


Based on the unique needs of the various properties, the two company representatives began working on customizing a MOGOtrack solution that would best fit each of the property’s conditions. As a result, the customer purchased nearly 300 units with preloaded service for all their work trucks.

Due to the customer’s belief in this solution and focus on making it work, they assigned a dedicated management company employee to coordinate the installation and use of MOGOtrack across all of their properties.

And this is only phase one for the group. Once their work trucks are outfitted with the MOGO units, the tracking locations are set up, and everything is running smoothly, they plan to purchase almost 300 additional MOGO units for their golf carts.


The customer was immediately interested. A vehicle recovery solution like MOGOtrack caught their attention because of the recent golf cart expense. In addition, they had experienced unauthorized use of their work trucks, as some employees used them for side businesses on the weekends.

The customer’s interest led to a meeting with both KeyTrak and MOGO, where they presented a broad view of MOGOtrack’s installation process, software functionality, integration, and other capabilities. In addition, the customer was impressed with the solution’s real-time GPS tracking, ability to set up unlimited geofences around each property’s footprint, real-time alerts, and a full suite of reporting options.

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