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The Situation

Staten Island Yacht Sales in Staten Island, New York, is one of the most powerful yacht sales and brokerage firms in the northeastern United States. In addition to its brokerage operations, Staten Island Yacht Sales offers customers a full-service marina and vessel maintenance services, making it a one-stop shop for customers, whether they're looking to sell, purchase, store, or maintain their yachts.

When a business is entrusted with a customer's asset worth anywhere from $1 million to $6 million dollars (or more), that business is going to take steps to make sure that property is well cared for and secured. Staten Island Yacht Sales routinely deals with multimillion-dollar yachts, and its customers expect a standard of service that extends well beyond brokerage basics.

While Staten Island Yacht Sales has long provided its customers with excellent service, its key control practices didn't reflect the yacht broker's high standards. By using a simple pegboard for keys, management had limited ability to know who'd accessed yacht keys or hold staff accountable for what happened when they did have keys. Potential inaccuracies in the peg board's access log also represented a major security risk for the yachts by making it easier for somebody with bad intentions to take a key and more difficult for staff to find out that a key was missing. 

Time wasted chasing down or making new copies of lost keys affected the level of service Staten Island Yacht Sales could provide its customers. After all, losing keys to a multimillion-dollar yacht isn't a mistake customers easily brush off.

"The KeyTrak system gives us better control of customer yacht keys."

Adam Dolce

Parts Manager, Staten Island Yacht Sales

The Solution

Staten Island Yacht Sales recognized that it needed a better way of managing the keys to the yachts customers trusted the company with. After an employee suggested an electronic key management system he was familiar with from working in the automotive retail industry, the brokerage firm found its solution in KeyTrak. 

The company now secures and manages 50-plus yacht keys in a KeyTrak system, giving it the ability to track exactly who took keys and when, hold all staff members accountable for their access, and keep keys secure and out of the hands of potential thieves. 

"The KeyTrak system gives us better control of customer yacht keys," said Adam Dolce, the parts manager at Staten Island Yacht Sales. "With the KeyTrak system, we simply create the tag using the customer's name and boat model. When our salesmen need to show a boat or techs need to service them, they check out the key. Management can see who took out what key and what time. This is a nice feature in locating keys that have not been returned. This system helps us keep track of customers' keys and where they are throughout the day."

Staten Island Yacht Sales employees can quickly access keys from a central location without the need for manual paper logs that are often incomplete and inaccurate. Staff members can simply log in to the system with their unique credentials and request a specific inventory key. The drawer then opens, illuminating the requested tag for the employee to take. 

Once an employee removes a key from the system, KeyTrak automatically logs exactly who took the key and when, giving management the ability to later pull reports and see a verifiable audit trail of key activity. Meanwhile, the quick key retrieval process allows staff to focus on various job tasks rather than spending time with a slow checkout procedure or chasing down missing keys. Management can receive automatic notifications if a key isn’t returned to the system within a time frame set by the system administrator, allowing them to react promptly to a potential missing key.

In explaining how KeyTrak has transformed the brokerage firm’s key control processes, Dolce commented on how efficiently they can set up key tags and update the system once a yacht has sold. “KeyTrak keeps keys organized in the drawer, and tag illumination after selecting a key is a nice feature,” he added.

The KeyTrak system gives Staten Island Yacht Sales the ability to provide customers with the standard of service and security they expect. The brokerage’s customers can rest easy knowing their yacht, whether it’s there to be sold, serviced, or stored at the marina, is protected.

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