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KeyTrak has been a wonderful solution to have here at Sitka  I have been using it for nearly two decades! It tracks everything for us. Each member of our team uses their own unique sign-in to access the machine. Then, once the drawer is closed, the system automatically logs us off so no one can piggyback off one another and take keys under a different name. Since the signed-in name is attached to each transaction, tracking down a key is as simple as contacting the person whose name was last linked to its activity.

Once a key is ready to be returned, the staff member who has it can put it into any available slot in the drawer because the KeyTrak system automatically recognizes the key tag. This ensures residents’ safety because apartment numbers don’t appear anywhere on the key or tag. If that key were to get lost and someone else found it and tried to use it to enter the apartment, there is no way for them to know which apartment it belongs to. Keeping residents safe is always a top priority, and KeyTrak handles it seamlessly.

If your property needs a simple, streamlined key control system, I would highly recommend KeyTrak.

Alana Courchane

Service Supervisor, Sitka Apartments