Don't Let Chaos Control Your Property's Keys

Your apartment community, 10 a.m.

An apartment door unlocks and a man in a hoodie (Chaos) walks in. A well-dressed man (narrator) is standing inside the unit and watches as Chaos enters. Chaos doesn’t see the narrator.

Narrator: This is Chaos. This isn't his apartment, and he certainly doesn't work for your community.

Chaos digs through a pile of packages in the apartment’s living room. He stuffs valuable products into his bag.

Narrator: You see, his roommate works for your maintenance staff. And last week, he happened to bring home the master key fob.

Chaos then moves to the bedroom and starts taking stuff from drawers and a jewelry box.

Narrator: According to your records, an employee used a key fob to access the unit. They'll never know Chaos was here. Now you'll be held liable.

Chaos returns to the living room to look for more things to steal. He spots a laptop and grabs it before heading out the door.

Narrator: Oooh. That looks expensive.

The narrator snaps and time skips forward. The apartment resident (Angela) unlocks the door and enters the unit. She is talking on the phone. The narrator is sitting on a couch, watching the events unfold.

Angela: They said I should have an offer in my inbox this evening.

Person on phone: [Inaudible]

Angela: Yeah. Thanks! I know! It's really exciting.

Person on phone: [Inaudible]

Angela: Mmhmm. Sure, I just need to change clothes and then I can meet you for dinner.

Angela notices that her computer is missing and starts to panic. She looks around the apartment and notices somebody went through her things.

Angela: Wait. Were you at my place?

Person on phone: No. What's going on? Are you OK? Angela?

Angela: I think someone has been in my apartment!

Narrator: Do you think her next phone call is going to be to you or the police? Honestly, does it matter? Don't let Chaos control your keys.

The narrator snaps and he is transported to a studio with a KeyTrak Edge system.

Narrator: Get control with KeyTrak.

The narrator returns a key to the KeyTrak Edge drawer and shuts the drawer.