Automatically back up your KeyTrak system to the cloud.

Data loss is one of the biggest threats facing businesses today. What would happen if you suddenly didn’t know where your keys were in your KeyTrak drawer, which keys were checked out, and who had them last? Losing system data would not only create unnecessary work for your employees but also create a liability risk.


With our off-site data backup platform, you can automatically create secure backups of your KeyTrak system via the cloud every night. In case your server goes down, the service includes overnight shipping of a replacement server that’s preloaded with the latest backup.

Illustration of of the cloud backup process

How It Works

  1.  KeyTrak remotely installs an agent on your server.
  2.  The agent automatically collects backups every night.
  3.  Backups are sent to our secure data center.
  4.  Data is encrypted in transit and at rest.
  5.  Backups are retained for 30 days.
  6.  If necessary, we'll overnight a server with your latest backup.

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