Track your business's packages from delivery to pickup.

How much time do you spend trying to get packages to the intended recipient? Are you tired of tracking down lost or stolen packages? Package management can be a hassle, but it doesn't have to be.


PackageTrak gives KeyTrak Edge users the option to track packages delivered to their business. An authorized employee can scan packages the moment they arrive and create a receipt when the intended recipient picks them up. An easy-to-follow process ensures accountability and provides a thorough audit trail. With PackageTrak, you'll minimize lost, misplaced, or unclaimed packages, and any litigation that may result.

Graphic depicting each step of the PackageTrak process

How It Works

  1.  Package is delivered. 
  2.  Create record in KeyTrak Edge system.
  3.  Scan label. 
  4.  Notification email is sent to recipient.
  5.  Recipient signs for package.
  6.  Receipt is printed.

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