KeyTrak Edge features customizable options for managing keys, assets, and personnel.

How It Works

The KeyTrak Edge system uses a computerized locking steel drawer and iButton key tag technology to automatically track key transactions. With industry-specific software, a user-centric interface, an optional mobile app, and many customizable features, it’s flexible enough to meet your specific key control needs.

KeyTrak Edge Features

KeyTrak Edge

KeyTrak Mobile Application

KeyTrak Mobile App

Benefits and Pricing

Like all KeyTrak systems, KeyTrak Edge comes in a variety of configurations with multiple levels of access. A range of upgrade options, advanced peripheral products, customizable features, and a mobile app are also available to enhance security and heighten ease of use.

Because we custom build each system, pricing varies. After we determine your key control needs, we’ll send you a quote as soon as possible.


Unmatched Authentication

  • Included biometric fingerprint reader
  • User password
  • Proximity card
  • RFID or magnetic strip card
  • Single, dual, or tertiary login

Security and Accountability

  • Locking, computerized steel drawer.
  • Access to the system on the go with our mobile app and remote management software.
  • Automatic and on-demand reporting down to the user.
  • Text, email, and mobile alerts for overdue keys.
  • Lockdown capabilities.

View detailed system information.

Technical Specifications

If you’re looking for technical information and system dimensions, download our guide.

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