The wall-mounted Guardian electronic key control system allows you to individually lock down keys and store assets.

How It Works

Total Lockdown

The Guardian provides a total lockdown solution for facilities desiring complete key and asset security. If employees have different levels of access to specific areas within a facility, or specific assets in that facility, the Guardian solution provides total accountability and control.

Between the physical security of having each key or locker individually locked down and the mental security of knowing where keys and assets are at all times, Guardian offers complete peace of mind.


Modular Expandability

One Guardian SmartPanel can control any combination of secure key panels, locker panels, card modules, and key tag drawers. Choose from any combination of modules, panels, or drawers to complete your specific security requirements and can be easily expanded as your needs require.

Guardian Features

KeyTrak Guardian modular system with various size lockers

Benefits and Pricing

In addition to the security features, the Guardian system provides extensive reporting capabilities to allow you to easily track all asset access, giving you a more complete picture of activity. All Guardian reports can be run automatically and sent directly to an email address. The moment a key or asset is removed from a drawer, a verifiable audit trail is automatically created, protecting your business and employees from liability.

Because we custom build each system, pricing varies. After we determine your key and asset management needs, we’ll send you a quote as soon as possible.


Unmatched Authentication

  • Built-in biometric fingerprint reader
  • User password
  • Proximity card 
  • RFID or magnetic strip card
  • Single, dual, or tertiary login 

Security and Accountability

  • Lock down individual keys and assets.
  • Combine modules to form a custom solution.
  • Assign access levels to individual users.
  • Set time limits on sensitive keys and assets.
  • Receive text and email alerts for overdue keys.

View detailed system information by model and type.

Technical Specifications

If you’re looking for technical information and system dimensions, download our guide.

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