KeyTrak Testimonial: Bella Group

We have a group-wide inventory of around 4,000 vehicles, which means we have at least 4,000 sets of keys on hand at any given time.

Before KeyTrak, we did not have a successful way of keeping track of or controlling who had access to vehicle keys. Even though our employees tried to be extra careful not to lose them, many times keys would go missing and we had no idea where they were. Once our owner stopped into one of our stores and discovered spare keys inside a desk drawer.

When someone loses a key, it needs to be replaced; there’s no other option. We were eating the cost it took to replace keys all the time.

Most of our stores are now using KeyTrak to keep track of and control access to keys. KeyTrak has increased employee accountability and greatly reduced the cost associated with replacing lost keys, which has been amazing. I know exactly who is taking keys out and why at all times.

Every manager is responsible for their own inventory. One of the best features of KeyTrak is that at 8 p.m., managers receive an alert from KeyTrak notifying them of any keys that have not been returned to the system drawer. At 10 p.m., if keys are still missing, the director of sales, vice president of sales, and the owner also get an alert. KeyTrak forces accountability throughout the dealership, which makes everyone take care of the equipment better, meaning we spend less money. I’m very happy about that.

KeyTrak is absolutely necessary for key control. I wouldn’t want to work in a dealership without it.

Mayleen Garcia

Systems Manager, Bella Group