Key control system warranties don’t always provide the support you need.

At KeyTrak, we don’t offer warranties. We offer something better: extended service. Warranties don’t always cover all system failures and parts replacements, resulting in hidden costs. Key control system providers also tend to outsource repairs covered by the warranty. Not only is it confusing not knowing who to contact, but working with a third party can lengthen the repair process. Once the warranty is up, you may not have the option to receive extended support coverage, making  system support complicated and costly.

Protect your investment with a KeyTrak maintenance agreement.

When you purchase a KeyTrak system, one year of support is included in the cost. We build and support all our systems in-house, so you can contact us directly for the support you need. If you require on-site assistance, we’ll dispatch a member of our nationwide network of trained field service technicians.

Once your initial support period has ended, you can receive extended support by purchasing a maintenance agreement. There are two tiers of support: a full maintenance agreement and a gold preferred package.

If you choose not to sign a maintenance agreement when the initial year of support is over, you’ll still receive software and hardware support and training on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Included Support

All KeyTrak systems and components come with 12 months of included support with purchase:

  • One phone number to call for any support issue
  • All support handled by KeyTrak employees (no third-party vendors)
  • Full coverage for system hardware issues either by a technician on-site or by replacement*
  • 24/7 in-house phone support for all software issues or questions
Extended Support

After the included support period, we provide the option to have continued coverage:

  • All the benefits of the initial Included Support coverage*
  • Predictable monthly or annual support cost
  • Discounts on supply orders when you order online (including a 33 percent discount on key tag purchases)
  • Software updates and enhancements to keep your system on the latest version of software


Gold Preferred Package

Upgraded support package to provide enhanced feature utilization and on-site maintenance:

  • All the benefits of Extended Support coverage*
  • Up to three on-site visits per year from a trained KeyTrak technician


Technician visits can be used for the following:

  • One-on-one training of new associates
  • Hands-on experience with new product features
  • System relocations
  • Inspections and maintenance
*Customer is responsible for shipping charges.
*Customer is responsible for shipping charges.

Support Package Enhancements

Support package add-ons to enhance your protection.

Cloud Backup and Recovery

With KeyTrak Cloud Backup, you can minimize the likelihood of human error and receive additional protection for your data. Cloud Backup is an off-site data backup platform that automatically creates secure backups via the cloud every night. In case your server goes down, the service includes overnight shipping of a replacement server that’s preloaded with the latest backup.

Elite Ship

Remove the worries and the unknown market fluctuation with shipping costs for your maintenance replacements. Elite Ship is a one-time annual fee that provides expedited shipping at no additional cost at the time of shipment. To learn more about adding Elite Ship to your existing Maintenance Agreement, call our Inside Sales Team or fill out the form below!

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