Prevent Missing Keys and Keep Your Profits Afloat

Sales of marine products and services have skyrocketed in the past few years. With the added challenge of parts shortages, you might be finding it difficult to keep up with customer demand. Don’t let lost or missing keys hurt your customer experience and profits.

Our electronic key management systems help you protect keys to boats, jet skis, and other marine vehicles. You’ll not only avoid further delays in the sales process, but also protect customers’ investments when they bring their watercraft in for service.


"The KeyTrak system gives us better control of customer yacht keys."

Adam Dolce

Parts Manager, Staten Island Yacht Sales

Manage Watercraft Keys With KeyTrak

Designed specifically for small inventories, the KeyTrak EdgeSL system gives you access to secure key control without the extra cost of capacity or features you won't use.

Straight-on image of KeyTrak EdgeSL system

KeyTrak EdgeSL

  • Secure and track up to 96 keys.
  • Save space with a smaller system footprint.
  • Automatically authenticate users with the included fingerprint reader.
  • Capture video footage of system transactions with the included security camera.
  • Track key activity with a curated set of key control reports for smaller operations.
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