Fight mystery miles and unnecessary maintenance expenses.

Your fleet vehicles are critical to your operations, but poorly managed keys could be driving up expenses in the face of dwindling budgets. How much fuel is wasted on meaningless and unreported personal trips? How often do your vehicles need unplanned maintenance because of these mystery miles? Who is responsible for tickets and tolls incurred by fleet vehicles when you don’t know who had them?

Get your fleet under control and hold your employees accountable with our electronic key control system. Our software can require employees to log mileage when checking in keys, helping you discover unnecessary trips and cut down on excessive fuel and maintenance costs. The quick and simple login process also frees up your fleet manager to focus on other job duties instead of wasting time tracking key access with inefficient paper logs.


Key Management for Large and Small Fleets

KeyTrak provides computerized vehicle management solutions to help businesses manage their small and large fleets in addition to fixed assets. The KeyTrak and KeyTrak Guardian systems are designed to be modular and expandable and feature a high degree of interoperability. 

KeyTrak non-auto 2 short drawer cabinet system with touch monitor


KeyTrak’s flexible, modular systems allow for virtually limitless customization and expansion options. Combined with the ability to set reservations for customers and track vehicle maintenance needs, KeyTrak’s system will help reduce risk, improve security, and optimize operations for any fleet, large or small.


  • Save time and money.
  • Improve productivity.
  • Reduce liability.
  • Stop mystery miles.
  • Conduct efficient audits.
  • Check out keys quickly and accurately.
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Guardian 12-key and drawer with VSP monitor

KeyTrak Guardian

The KeyTrak system can control any combination of drawers, locker panels, and lockdown key panels. Likewise, the Guardian Versatile SmartPanel can control KeyTrak drawers in addition to key and locker panels. This built-in flexibility means that one system can control all types of keys, from those used on a day-to-day basis to high-security master keys that are rarely used.

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