Louisiana State University building
Louisiana State University

State universities have many moving parts, and one way to make sure the campus runs smoothly and securely is using a reliable key control system. For over a decade, Louisiana State University (LSU) ha...

5 West Apartments pond fountain
Desirée Girón, 5 West Apartments

During her time in the multifamily industry, Desirée Girón, property manager at 5 West Apartments, has seen key control across the spectrum – from worst to best. Today, she uses a KeyTrak key ...

Louisiana State University

"There's so much I could say to sell people the benefits of using KeyTrak over another key control system."

Don't Let Chaos Control Your Property's Keys

Poor key control practices could be putting your residents at risk of theft or physical harm. Can you afford to let Chaos control your keys?

Intro to KeyTrak Drawers

KeyTrak drawers offer you a secure, easy way to manage and track your keys. No matter the size of your business, you can tailor the system to fit your needs.