Keep Your Vehicles Ready for Timely Patient Care

Medical fleets are responsible for everything from delivering medical supplies to transferring patients to healthcare facilities or appointments. As a fleet manager, you have an important role to play in ensuring patients receive timely, reliable healthcare services. But there are several obstacles to navigate, including vehicle theft, patient safety concerns, and maintaining aging vehicles. 

With our electronic key control systems, you can secure vehicle keys, hold drivers accountable, and streamline vehicle maintenance.


Manage Your Fleet With KeyTrak

To help you manage your fleet effectively, we offer two electronic key control systems. The scalable, drawer-based KeyTrak Edge system is designed to manage fleets with anywhere from 96 to 5,760 keys. For unmonitored or garage locations, the wall-mounted KeyTrak Guardian is the ideal choice.

Regardless of which system you choose, you can easily monitor who has which keys and when. The systems automatically authenticate users, empowering employees to check out keys themselves and freeing you up to focus on other tasks. The system also sends alarms, alerts, and detailed activity reports to help you quickly respond to missing key fobs. By requiring employees to log mileage when returning keys, you’ll be able to prevent mystery miles and cut down on excessive costs.

Three quarter view of Edge system

KeyTrak Edge

  • Secure and track vehicle keys.
  • Cut down on key replacement costs.
  • Hold drivers accountable.
  • Stop wasteful fleet use and track vehicle maintenance needs.
  • Reserve vehicles for staff.
  • Conduct efficient audits.
  • Send overdue key alerts to fleet managers.
  • Speed up key checkouts with a secure login and automatic key log.
  • Capture footage of activity near the system with our motion-activated security camera (optional).
  • Manage your system right from your desk with KeyTrak Edge Remote.
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KeyTrak Edge Mobile Asset Management Mobile App Mockup

KeyTrak Mobile App

  • Check key status on the go.
  • View KeyTrak Edge system activity and reports.
  • Access keys via secure touchless login.
  • Transfer a key to another user without checking it in at the main system first.
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Guardian VSP 2.2 12 key and drawer

KeyTrak Guardian

  • Lock down each key individually for added security.
  • Customize your system to control a variety of keys and cards.
  • Add additional Guardian panels or KeyTrak Edge drawers to increase system capacity.
  • Log in quickly and securely with the built-in biometric fingerprint reader.
  • Choose from multiple access options, including a magnetic card reader and a proximity reader.
  • Record activity near the system with the integrated, motion-activated security camera.
  • Manage your system remotely with our Web Plus remote access software.
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