Manage your inventory like it’s all under one roof.

The larger your dealership is, the harder it is to keep track of your keys, assets, and personnel. It's even more challenging if you have multiple lots or your service department is at a separate location. Digitizing your key control practices allows you to know where your keys are and who has them at any given time.

KeyTrak systems give you the ability to manage up to 5,760 keys per system and to network systems across multiple locations, so you don't have to worry about your inventory outgrowing your key control solution. Plus, with automatic reports, you can track activity across your entire dealership.


Automotive Key Management Features

KeyTrak software is designed specifically for sales and service departments and how they operate. The software increases efficiency and profitability by offering solid key control and auditing functions, unique reporting features, and easy-access summary screens, providing accountability and accessibility across all of your locations.

KeyTrak auto tall 3 drawer cabinet system with touch monitor


With KeyTrak, you can integrate your key management systems for a total tracking solution. Through every step of the sale — from the time inventory is delivered to the lot to the time it’s delivered to the customer — you can monitor the location of every vehicle.

Additional Features Available

  • Secure cabinet (each holds up to three drawers)
  • Tag label printer
  • Driver's license scanner
  • Report printer
  • Unique applications for both sales and service
  • Networking across departments and dealerships
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