Protect Your Facility and Citizens

Whether you work in a sheriff’s office or state police department, you're responsible for safeguarding both the public and your facility. That includes protecting keys and assets such as seized evidence, weapons, and equipment. If keys and assets aren’t properly secured, they could fall into the wrong hands, endangering your operations and community.

With our electronic key and asset management systems, you can secure your keys and assets, automatically track who has access to them, and prevent unauthorized use.


Secure Your Keys and Assets With KeyTrak

To protect your facility, choose between our two tamper-proof electronic key control systems: KeyTrak Guardian and KeyTrak Edge for Asset Management. Built within an all-steel chassis, the KeyTrak Guardian is designed to secure multiple types of assets, such as mobile devices, high-security keys, small equipment, weapons, or access cards. With the ability to control up to 5,760 keys in a single system, the KeyTrak Edge drawer system is the ideal solution for facilities with a large number of keys to track.

Guardian expansion panel 5in locker with VSP monitor

KeyTrak Guardian

  • Lock down individual keys or access cards.
  • Add locker modules to secure small items such as mobile devices, radios, or weapons.
  • Automatically authenticate users with the integrated fingerprint reader or the optional card reader.
  • Record activity near the system with the integrated, motion-activated security camera.
  • Manage your system remotely with our Web Plus remote access software.
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KeyTrak System With Standard KT4 Drawers

KeyTrak Edge

  • Hold users accountable with a secure login and automatic key log.
  • Conduct efficient key audits.
  • Set up customized security alarms and alerts.
  • Receive automatic, customizable key control reports to eliminate the need for handwritten logs.
  • Capture footage of activity near the system with our motion-activated security camera (optional).
  • Manage your system right from your desk with KeyTrak Edge Remote.
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