Take control of your facility keys.

Think about your building for a moment. Envision all the doors and think about how many there are — both externally and internally. Now think about how many keys that means you're responsible for securing. Are your facility keys locked down and hidden, or do you keep them in a drawer in someone's office? If you don't take appropriate security measures, your offices, property rooms, and facility are at risk.

Securely store your facility keys in our KeyTrak or Guardian systems to enhance overall security. Both systems are digitized so you can reduce the odds of unauthorized people accessing keys. In addition, the electronic audit trail decreases liability and alerts the system administrator via text or email if a key is overdue.


Facility Security Key Management

With all the maintenance, administrative, armory, and sensitive keys that can be found at any correctional facility, jails, and prisons need more than an honor system to keep track of keys. They need efficient key control. KeyTrak offers a verifiable audit trail of all keys and access points. Biometric entry removes the need for handwritten logs, and automatic reports let supervisors and managers know when keys were not returned in a timely manner.

Guardian 24-key system with VSP monitor

Guardian Versatile SmartPanel

Key and asset control play critical roles in the safety and security of fleets, facilities, deputies, officers, COs, and civilians. The Guardian Versatile SmartPanel (VSP) system provides a key and asset management solution for law enforcement organizations and correctional facilities desiring to hold staff accountable for their access to specific vehicles, assets, or areas within a facility.

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Guardian modular expansion panel

KeyTrak Guardian

  • Store keys in central locations, enabling correctional officers (COs) to quickly access keys while keeping them away from inmates.
  • Secure large Folger Adam-style keys with patented, solid steel lock cylinders.
  • Hold employees accountable for what they do with keys.
  • Alert senior officers when keys aren’t returned within a designated time frame.
  • Make key checkout procedures electronic, quick, and simple, eliminating inadequate manual paper logs.
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