Ensure Secure and Smooth Facility Operations

Effective facility management requires strict attention to detail to avoid serious security breaches and financial losses. A lost key can result in unauthorized access to sensitive areas and assets. A missed work order can cause expensive damage before it's detected. A missing package containing valuable goods can disrupt operations or frustrate customers. 

Our electronic key and asset management systems solve these facility management problems at all types of organizations, from commercial properties to manufacturing plants to convention centers.


Manage Keys, Assets, and Work Orders With KeyTrak

To optimize your operations, choose from one of our two systems. KeyTrak Edge is designed to manage keys, packages, and work orders, while Guardian is ideal for controlling high-security keys, fobs, access cards, mobile devices, and other small items. Both systems accommodate a variety of facility management needs, whether you have numerous users, multiple types of assets, or strict accessibility requirements.

KeyTrak System With Standard KT4 Drawers

KeyTrak Edge

  • Secure and track your facility keys.
  • Send overdue key alerts to managers.
  • Authenticate users with a fingerprint reader, QR code login, and more.
  • Capture video footage of activity near the system with our motion-activated security camera (optional).
  • Network systems across multiple locations for centralized management.
  • Track inventory, parts, and work orders.
  • Log employee hours without physical time cards or expensive time clock systems.
  • Track packages with PackageTrak.
  • Manage your system right from your desk with KeyTrak Edge Remote.
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KeyTrak Edge Mobile Asset Management Mobile App Mockup

KeyTrak Mobile App

  • Check key status on the go.
  • View KeyTrak Edge system activity and reports.
  • Access keys via secure touchless login.
  • Transfer a key to another user without checking it in at the main system first.
  • Identify key tags by scanning a QR code to avoid labeling tags with room numbers.
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Guardian modular expansion panel

KeyTrak Guardian

  • Lock down each key individually for added security.
  • Customize your system to control a variety of keys and cards.
  • Add locker modules to secure small items.
  • Log in quickly and securely with the built-in biometric fingerprint reader.
  • Choose from multiple access options, including a magnetic card reader and a proximity reader.
  • Record activity near the system with the integrated, motion-activated security camera.
  • Manage your system remotely with our Web Plus remote access software.
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