Streamline Operations and Deliver Exceptional Renter Experiences

In the rapidly growing build-to-rent (BTR) market, you face unique challenges as a developer or property manager. Whether your renters are college students, young families, or retirees, they all value a secure home.

Our electronic key and asset management systems are ideal for the demands of BTR properties. By streamlining processes like key control, work orders, and package tracking, you can focus on delivering exceptional experiences that keep residents satisfied.


Centralize Key Control Across Your BTR Community

With the KeyTrak Edge system, you can secure and track access to all keys for all homes within your BTR development. Plus, our KeyTrak Mobile app allows you to manage keys right from your mobile device. Additional features like work order management, package tracking, and third-party system integration help you get more value from your system and save time switching between applications.

Even if your community is small, sophisticated key control technology is within reach. Our KeyTrak EdgeSL is designed for smaller operations, giving you access to secure key control without the extra cost of capacity or features you won’t use.

KeyTrak System With Standard KT4 Drawers

KeyTrak Edge

  • Centralize keys for all rental homes in one secured location.
  • Maintain comprehensive audit trails of key access and usage.
  • Streamline work order management with integrated tracking.
  • Offer secure package management solutions for resident convenience.
  • Sync data across third-party property management software.
  • Scale seamlessly as your portfolio grows.
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KeyTrak Edge Multifamily mobile phone mockup

KeyTrak Mobile App

  • Check key status on the go from your mobile device.
  • Transfer keys between staff without visiting the main system.
  • Scan QR codes to quickly identify keys while out on the community grounds.
  • View key activity reports from anywhere.
  • Access the KeyTrak system with secure touchless login.
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Straight-on image of KeyTrak EdgeSL system

KeyTrak EdgeSL

  • Securely store up to 96 keys in tamper-proof drawers. 
  • Optimize space with a compact system footprint. 
  • Enhance privacy by programming unit numbers onto key tags, eliminating visible labels.
  • Automatically notify residents when their unit key is checked out.
  • Restrict system access through fingerprint identification for authorized users only.
  • Capture video footage of each transaction for enhanced security.
  • Monitor key activity and identify potential security concerns with a curated set of key control reports.
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