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Whether you’re on your condo board or work as an independent property manager, you know it’s common to keep copies of owners’ keys or master keys on file. But some residents are uneasy about other people having access to their homes. In addition, you could be held liable for lost or misused keys.

Our electronic key control systems solve these concerns by securely storing keys and automatically tracking key access. You'll have full visibility into who removes keys, when, and why, creating a verifiable audit trail.


"KeyTrak has really done its homework in solving all the problems that could arise with key management."

Guy Andrew

Unit Services Program Director, Parkfairfax Condominium Association

Secure Condo Keys With KeyTrak

With the KeyTrak EdgeSL system, you can give owners peace of mind while reducing board members’ or property managers’ liability risk. The system has a small footprint, and like all KeyTrak systems, it provides a verifiable automatic audit trail. 

Straight-on image of KeyTrak EdgeSL system

KeyTrak EdgeSL

  • Securely store up to 192 keys in tamper-proof drawers. 
  • Automatically notify residents when their unit key is checked out.
  • Optimize space with a compact system footprint. 
  • Enhance privacy by programming unit numbers onto key tags, eliminating visible labels.
  • Restrict system access through fingerprint identification for authorized users only.
  • Capture video footage of each transaction for enhanced security.
  • Monitor key activity and identify potential security concerns with a curated set of key control reports.
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